Southfork Retrievers – Dog Training WI and IL, Lab Breeder

Southfork Retrievers is located in Kenosha County Wisconsin and just one mile from the Illinois border. We strive to produce some of the finest Labrador Retrievers for the home and field. Whether you are seeking a family companion or your next hunting dog we look forward to assisting you.

We prioritize quality genetics in our Labrador Retrievers. Our sires and dams have exceptional pedigrees as well as health clearances. You’ll notice that our program contains second and third generation dogs; selectively kept to maintain our standards when it comes to looks, trainability, intelligence and style. Our litters, whether bred in-house or produced by our studs have proven to be talented dogs well suited for family life, hunting and field events such as hunt tests or field trials. Our puppies come with AKC papers and a written 26 month health guarantee.

Southfork Retrievers offers Labrador Retriever puppies, occasional started retrievers and a comprehensive training program. 
Our program consists of:

  • Puppy Training – puppy socialization, crate training and basic introduction to birds and the gun.
  • Dog Obedience Training 
  • Basic obedience is the foundation to a great dog. We work with dogs and their owners to achieve solid obedience. Our program consists of basic commands on lead; “Here”, “Heel” and “Sit”.
  • Advanced Obedience Training - 
    Once basic obedience is established, we transition our dogs to where they can perform the same commands in our basic program off-lead. “Here”, “Heel” and “Sit” without use of leash or check chord.
  • Hunting Dog Training - 
    Any good hunting dog has a solid foundation of socialization, introduction to birds, the field and water and formal obedience. From there, we take our dogs through the trained retrieve process (also known as force fetch) and collar conditioning. Visit our TRAINING page for more information.


“Providing great genetics, temperament and trainability for the field and home.”
  Southfork Retrievers
Trevor, Wisconsin